The internet impacts us all.

Let's do something about it.

Content Warning

This website explores the profound impact of the internet on individuals and society. Please be aware that it discusses topics that may be distressing, including climate impact, mental health, and other sensitive subjects.
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The internet has the power.

That's good, and bad.

Our internet can create meaningful change, or make us all worse off than we were before. It's up to us to make that change positive, and steer the web away from negative influence.

What's good about the internet?

The internet helping people stay in touch, spreading vital information and easing the burden of everyday tasks, like shopping or paying the bills.

What's so bad about it all?

The internet can cause internet addiction, harm to cognitive development, information overload, harm to public/private boundaries and harm to social relationships and communities, and much more when not used correctly.

Let's take a look.